WISP Case Study: Apples to Apples
  Mar 3, 2020     News, Library, Wisp, waste, organic, carbon, renewable, biogas, recycling, organic waste, waste sector desk, Bioenergy, Case Study

The Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme (WISP), delivered by GreenCape, develops mutually profitable links between companies from all industrial sectors, so that under-utilised resources such as energy and water, and/or materials from one company can be recovered, reprocessed and re-used by others.

WISP introduced Cape Town Market, a fresh produce market, to Elgin Fruit Juice, a friut juice manufacturer that has an anaroeobic digester which converts organic waste into biogas for electricty generation. This new connection meant that Cape Town market could give its fruit and vegetable waste to Elgin Fruit juice to be used as feedstock for their biogas production, and then take the digestate (left over organic matareial from the anearobic digester) back to the farmers of the Cape Town Market to use as compost for their next produce, thus creating a closedloop from apples to apples.

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