Request for Western Cape Business Input: Apprenticeship Employer Survey
  Jul 11, 2018     News, GreenCape

The Western Cape Government would like to find out more about your business to establish where they can refine Government interventions to assist your business to grow while reducing youth unemployment in the Western Cape.

The Apprenticeship Game Changer is an initiative aimed at securing workplace experience for learners which will improve their competence and prepare them for the world of work. It acknowledges that providing young people with appropriate technical and vocational skills based on industry demands, is one of the essential enablers to economic growth and job creation.

In the context of the WCG Apprenticeship Game Changer “employer” is defined at its broadest level as any workplace environment that allows a learner to progressively acquire knowledge and skills through applied practise to become a competent and productive employee in his or her chosen occupation. This includes learnerships, internships, artisans and all forms of work based learning.

If you are an employer, please complete a quick survey here.