Industry Brief: Wastewater treatment
  Apr 2, 2020     water, Industry Brief, water for sustainable economic development, News, GreenCape, business, greentech, green economy, water sector desk

South Africa is a water scarce country and is projected to have a 30% water supply deficit by 2030. The reuse of wastewater, in conjunction with increasing water-use efficiency and developing alternative sources of water, is seen as a key intervention to mitigate this supply deficit.

Non-potable water has a multitude of uses ranging from simple household reuse of greywater, to onsite treatment and reuse of grey-, black-, organic and inorganic wastewater in commercial and industrial settings, to municipal-scale reuse of effluent

GreenCape has published an industry brief focussing on the on-site treatment of grey- and blackwater to non-potable standards for onsite reuse. It highlights applicable regulations and standards, technology types available, drawbacks or barriers to these technologies and case studies that show practical implementation of on-site treatment and reuse.

To download this industry brief for free, click here.