Industry brief: Using groundwater: Options for managing brine.
  Apr 15, 2019     News, Library, water, green economy, Industry Brief, water sector desk, water for sustainable economic development, value-add to organic residues

Due to the recent drought in the Western Cape, many companies in Cape Town have turned to groundwater exploration to ensure security of water supply. 

Geological factors influence groundwater quality and geohydrologists have identified some key industrial areas as having a high risk of saline groundwater.

Treatment of saline groundwater before use with technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO) membranes leaves a highly concentrated, saline wastewater termed 'brine'.  

Several factors make the discharge and treatment of brine complex and expensive, and companies have been struggling to find well-suited solutions to handle it.

GreenCape have published an industry brief which provides information on saline wastewater treatment and disposal options for businesses.

Download the brief, for free, here.