The business case for solar PV in South Africa- Industry Brief Release
  Feb 26, 2020     News, Library, Document, GreenCape, solar, Cape Town, renewable, greentech, PV, photovoltaic, green economy, Green Tech, Industry Brief, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, SSEG, Smart Electricity, Energy Services, Solar PV

GreenCape has published a new industry brief focusing on the business case for solar PV in South Africa. 

The Industry brief highlights the following:

  • The financial viability of solar PV installations and current pricing
  • Financing available for solar PV installations
  • When and where you can feed in (Western Cape regulations and tariffs)

Businesses can get a chance to look at the incentives and opportunities that solar PV installation may present for them. Included in this industry brief are case studies featuring large companies such as SAB Newlands Brewery, Golden Arrow Head Office and Charlesville Mall, highlighting their business gains from switching to solar PV solutions.

Download Industry Brief here.