Subsidised Solar PV installer training next week!
  Mar 25, 2019     News, South Africa, energy, solar, Cape Town, renewable, training, skills development, SARATEC, opportunity, greentech, PV, green economy, courses, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Smart Electricity, Energy Services, Solar PV

The City of Cape Town offers electricians a substantial incentive for PV installation training plus the PV GreenCard Assessment at SARETEC. The subsidised cost is only R2,550 excl. VAT for the SuperSolarSchool and R675 excl. VAT for the maxx PV Installer training and assessment offered at SARETEC. This incentive programme is available up until June 2019, aiming to qualify 100 people.

Male electricians, who live in Cape Town, could benefit from a 75% subsidy and female electricians are eligible for a 100% subsidy from the City of Cape Town. This significant contribution towards skills development in the PV industry forms part of the City’s Economic Development Strategy.

Benefits for electricians

PV installations not only require a COC but a PV GreenCard as well. The PV GreenCard is a municipal recommendation which acts as an additional quality assurance mechanism. All electricians who successfully pass the PV Assessment, qualify to issue the PV GreenCards. Thus, the qualification offers electricians new business opportunities.

Who qualifies for the subsidy?

Electricians have to fulfill some of the following qualifying criteria. Every DOL registered electrician qualifies for the subsidy. Electricians without DOL registration should ideally have some of the below listed qualifications or experience:

  1. Registered DoL Electrician (Trade test + Wiremans)
  2. Qualified Electrician (Trade test only)
  3. Electrical Training (Electrician NQF 4)
  4. Registered Electrical/Solar PV Contractor
  5. PV/Electrical installation experience (Portfolio of Evidence - Reference)
  6. Registered business

Where and when to register?

Please register for 1 to 5 April Super Solar Schools and use the promotional codes GreenCape75 (male electricians) or GreenCape100 (female electricians) to get the subsidy.

To register, click here.