Meet the team: Argon Poorun
  Jul 23, 2020     News, Energy Services, Energy Efficiency, energy

GreenCape is pleased to introduce to our stakeholders a new appointment to our Energy team. Argon Poorun will be working as our new Energy Services Sector Desk Analyst. For more information please get in touch with Argon by email.

Argon Poorun (Energy Sector Desk Analyst)

Argon Paroon

What are your background expertise and how does that relate to what you’re doing now?

My undergraduate degree is in Chemical Engineering followed by my studies in Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy at Stellenbosch University. That combined with two years of experience in the energy sector across non- profit organisations, the private sector and government has laid a solid foundation for my role as sector desk analyst in the energy services.

What kind of impact are you hoping to have at GreenCape with this role?

My vision of a sector desk analyst is someone who’s primary job is to serve the sector and its stakeholders. So my main goal is to foster growth and investment for businesses in the sector by utilising GreenCape’s unique position to unlock new and/or dormant opportunities.

What have you been working on since you’ve joined us here at GreenCape?

I’ve been easing into my role by taking on the responsibility of stakeholder relationship management and gathering insights into what’s happening in the market in terms of the challenges and opportunities that are presenting themselves.

Why have you chosen this particular career path?

I believe in the idea of serving others and I want to be part of creating a world where people co-exists with their environments at a higher level of well-being than what we currently see as possible in South Africa.

Considering the that you’ve started at GreenCape during a national lockdown and you haven’t yet had a chance to be at the office to physically interact with the rest of the team, what has been your first impression of GreenCape so far?

I’ve always had a connection to GreenCape through attending some of their events and building networks with people within the organisation and I’ve always felt like the organisation and its people were a strong fit to my personality and values and what has come across in my first interactions through this role is just how easy it is to work with people in the sense that everyone is quiet understanding and there’s a good office culture and sense of humour but you also have an awareness that everyone is working quiet hard and has a good work ethic.

What are your hobbies?

My main hobby is rock climbing, I’m quite an active person so anything in the great outdoor e.g. forests, the mountains. On rainy days you’ll find me reading psychology and philosophy.