Opportunity: Atlantis green economy skills audit
  Mar 28, 2019     News, general, Atlantis, GreenCape, South Africa, Cape Town, training, skills development, opportunity, manufacturing, greentech, green economy, Green Tech, research, Atlantis SEZ, RFQ

GreenCape, supported by the City of Cape Town, has initiated a project that seeks to identify and understand the skills development needs in Atlantis and to prioritise solutions for any gaps. This Terms of Reference outlines the role for a service provider to carry out a skills audit, including a supply and demand analysis, and to propose solutions to the identified gaps.

The skills audit forms part of a larger project to support the development of the newly designated Atlantis Green Tech Special Economic Zone. The purpose of the overall project is to grow the Atlantis labour force with adequate and suitable skills. In order to do this it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the skills development landscape in Atlantis, in other words the current status of skills development provision in Atlantis, together with the expected priorities required for green economy jobs. To understand the systemic gaps that exist together with suitable solutions – recommend interventions to address these gaps to enable the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Green Technologies to succeed and ensuring the local community benefit from
increased job opportunities.

GreenCape is seeking a service provider to conduct this project. 

The project requires an in-depth understanding and analysis of the Atlantis skills development landscape. These findings will inform the direction of future skills development initiatives to enable the local community to gain access to job opportunities in the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Green Technologies and further afield.

A full terms of reference can be downloaded here.