Water Resilient Businesses

The Western Cape water crisis has resulted in a number of challenges for residents and businesses with Level 6B water restrictions being introduced on 1st February 2018. The new restrictions require businesses to reduce their monthly water consumption rates by 45%. GreenCape is seeking to help businesses adjust to the “new normal” of water scarcity and have therefore mapped out an infographic on Sustainable, Commercial and Industrial Water Use in Cape Town with proposed actions for each step of the water journey.

Additionally, we’re working with businesses to help them become more water resilient in the face of the “new normal” conditions. Many businesses have already embarked on the sustainable water use journey and taken up the challenge of reducing their water consumption and we think there’s value in telling their stories in the hope that they may inspire other businesses to follow in their footsteps. We’ve seen businesses take up the challenge in a huge variety of industries; be it in hospitality, construction, textiles, retail etc.

Here are some of their stories.

For more information, or to volunteer your business as a case study, please contact us.

News and events

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