Technical investor guide

The technical investor brochure below is aimed at investors who are interested in investing in the Atlantis Special Economic Zone (SEZ). It answers many of the questions an investor may ask in order to build a business case, and provides general information on doing business in Atlantis, Cape Town and the Western Cape Province.

The brochure provides information on:

  • Doing business in the Western Cape
  • Why the Atlantis SEZ is a great investment destination for greentech
  • The support investors can expect if they invest in the zone (financial and non-financial)
  • Property and land
  • Infrastructure (including roads, water, electricity, telecommunications, etc.)
  • The cost of doing business in the Western Cape and Atlantis (including labour, municipal services, taxes etc.)
  • Other businesses in Atlantis
  • Key contacts 

The supporting documentation and links listed below the brochure were used to compile the brochure and are linked to from within the report.

For more information or further support please contact Jarrod Lyons at the GreenCape offices.

Atlantis technical investor brochure

The brochure is available in both PDF (click here for PDF version) and MS Word form - the MS Word version is available on request.

We suggest you use the index on page two to navigate through the document (in the Word version, the hyperlink is embedded in the page number).

In most sections and sub-sections you will find hyperlinks to useful resources that relate to the topic you are reading about.

Supporting information

Atlantis SEZ Map

Invest in Cape Town 2017/18

2015 Doing business in the Western Cape guide (Wesgro)

South Africa Investor's Handbook (Department of Trade and Industry)

Atlantis SEZ Pre-Feasibility Report

Atlantis SEZ Feasibility Report

Atlantis SEZ Basic Assessment Report

Atlantis Revitalisation Framework (City of Cape Town)

CCT Solid Waste Disposal Tariff

Atlantis City costs

Gas-to-power Authorisation Zone

Services Report on Existing Civil and Electrical Infrastructure Zone 1

Services Report on Existing Civil and Electrical Infrastructure Zone 3

Amended EA Zone 1

Amended EA Zone 3

Incentive Booklet


The business case for biogas from solid waste in the Western Cape

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