Public participation process

In preparation for designation of the Atlantis Industrial Area to be declared an SEZ, the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) conducted public consultations in July 2016 and October 2017. 

The public participation process serves as a platform to engage and interact with various stakeholders of the Atlantis SEZ. The principle behind the process is that all the stakeholders affected by decision or actions pertaining to the development of the Atlantis SEZ have a right to be consulted and contribute to such a decision. 






News and events

Draft SEDIC Bill and Notice

Please find below a notice and draft bill that may be of interest to you as a stakeholder of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone for Green Technologies. Please note this is... Read more

Atlantis SEZ Community Stakeholder Network AGM scheduled for February 2019

The Atlantis SEZ Community Stakeholder Network (ASEZ-CSN) AGM has been scheduled for February 2019 to enable more community organisations to participate. Read more