City of Cape Town releases Water Outlook 2018 Summary
  11/01/2018     News, water, Cape Town, waste sector desk

The City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Department has released the Water Outlook 2018 Summary Report. The Summary contains details on the current water system status including the latest water system figures, recent water consumption trends, as well as the key risks to maintaining water levels.

Recent water consumption rates have exceeded the City’s target of 500 million litres of water per day, and current dam levels are at 30.1%. Water levels are dropping at a rate of 1% each week. Current consumption rates have scheduled Day Zero at just over 12 weeks away. Water saving efforts must improve and current consumption rates must decrease in order for Day Zero to be averted.

The Summary contains the City’s newly proposed measures for 2018 under consideration for implementation to maintain water supplies.

In addition, the Summary emphasizes the need for the city of Cape Town and Agricultural sector to reduce their water consumption rates. Both sectors are making use of more water than the restrictions have allowed. The agricultural sector has already made use of two-thirds of their annual water allocation as of the start of 2018. Over-abstraction by agriculture is therefore, highlighted as a key risk to the regional water system.

The financial implications associated with the drought and the City’s proposed mechanisms in dealing with these financial challenges are featured within the Summary.

For access to the Water Outlook 2018 Summary, click here.