City of Cape Town releases Water Outlook 2018 Summary
  06/02/2018     News, water, Cape Town, waste sector desk

The City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Department has released the revised Water Outlook 2018 Report. The summary contains details on the current water system status including the latest water system figures, recent water consumption trends, as well as an overview of the City’s strategy to overcoming the drought.

Level 6B water restrictions remain in place with recent water consumption rates at 497 million litres per day, nearing the City's target of 450 million litres of water per day. Individual water usage has been restricted to 50 litres per person per day, and non-residential users are required to reduce their total usage by 45%.

Day Zero has been now projected for 2019 as a result of the Department of Water and Sanitation discontinuing water releases to irrigation boards, the considerable water transfer made by an adjacent catchment, and as a result of a reduction in urban water demand.

The report contains the City’s proposed measures for 2018 as part of the drought response strategy. These include maintaining level 6B restrictions, reduced water pressure, installation of household water management devices, punitive tariffs, as well as the development of various augmentation schemes. 

In addition, the Water Outlook is accompanied by an interactive Dam Level Model which can be used to assess dam levels against different percentage usage by each consumer category, as well as through input of augmentation project figures in Ml/day with corresponding dates. Users can interact with the highlighted green cells to model a projected scenario and monitor resultant dam levels. 


For access to the Water Outlook 2018 Summary, click here

For access to the interactive Dam Level Model, click here to download.

For the Dam Level Model User Guide, click here.