Circularity in plastics in South Africa
  Jun 28, 2022     News, Library, Document, GreenCape, Industry Brief, Circular Economy, SA Plastics Pact

GreenCape, in partnership with the World Bank's PROBLUE Initiative, the SA Plastics Pact, WWF South Africa, WRAP, ACEN Foundation and SAPRO, has published a series of 10 industry briefs focused on actions for a circular economy in South Africa.

A circular economy for plastics has projected net economic and job creation benefits in both developed and developing country settings. South Africa has good potential to realise the benefits in a circular economy for plastics, building on expertise in both the plastics production and recycling sectors.

This series of 10 briefs provides the context of the plastics industry in South Africa and highlights opportunities in a circular economy:

  1. Opportunities in a circular economy for plastics in South Africa
  2. Enablers - policy and legislation
  3. Opportunities in packaging
  4. Material cascading and recycling
  5. Opportunities in construction
  6. Opportunities in agriculture
  7. Opportunities in automotives
  8. Advanced recycling
  9. Plastic waste management
  10. Realising opportunities in a circular economy

These summaries are extracts from the report “Market assessment of circular plastics opportunities in packaging, construction, agriculture and the automotive industry”, which forms part of a series “Circularity in the plastics value chain in South Africa – opportunities and barriers”.