Case study: Reuse of construction and demolition waste in the built environment sector
  Jul 5, 2022     News, Library, Document, waste, GreenCape, Cape Town, Construction and demolition waste, Case Study, waste sector desk, Resilient Cape Town

GreenCape, in partnership with the City of Cape Town, has published a new case study titled: ‘Building’ a circular economy Reuse of construction and demolition waste in the built environment sector.

Construction & demolition waste (C&DW) is generated in large volumes, typically in urban areas where development is more rapid and consistent, and where brownfield developments are more prominent than greenfield developments.

Over time, several end-markets have been developed for high-value materials derived from C&DW, which is mostly comprised of builder’s rubble, glass, non-ferrous metal, paper and cardboard. However, materials with a lower value, or that are available in small quantities, are often discarded as they are more difficult to access and process at scale. In many instances, items removed from residential homes and office buildings are salvageable, and can be repaired and reused instead of being recycled or sent to landfill.

A small business, The Real Deal 2 Cheap, identified a gap in the market: an opportunity to create a circular economy with the resale of salvageable items to other businesses in the construction sector, and to the public.

The case study discusses:

  • Businesses in the construction sector wanting to find alternatives to landfill for their demolition waste.
  • Businesses in the construction sector wanting to generate an income from their waste.
  • Organisations wanting to understand how circular economy initiatives can be successfully implemented in a developing country context.
  • Organisations and individuals wanting to participate in the reuse and repair economy.

To access the full case study, click here.