Case Study: Buffalo City
  Jul 8, 2022     News, Library, Document, waste, Cape Town, Case Study, waste sector desk, Circular Economy

GreenCape, in partnership with the City of Cape Town, has published a new case study titled "Collaboration between business and government to support recycling in informal and low-income settlements".

The case study focuses on how collaboration between government (Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality) and industry (Border-Kei Chamber of Business and Polyco) has facilitated the establishment of buyback centres/drop offs in the municipality, stimulating recycling and providing new income opportunities.

It is written for:

  • Public officials at national and regional levels tasked with enabling the integration of waste pickers into formal waste management systems.
  • Decision makers in consumer goods value chains and specifically those responsible for extended producer responsibility and corporate social responsibility.
  • Officials at local government level specifically tasked with integrating waste pickers into waste management systems at a municipal level.
  • Community-based organisations and other nongovernmental organisations with an interest in improving livelihoods in informal and low income communities.

The collaboration between Buffalo City, Border-Kei Chamber of Business and Polyco is an example of how a business-led project can be used to address some of the recycling and waste management challenges in a municipality. With many areas facing basic waste management challenges, this model enables reclaimers (and the community) to bring recyclable as well as other waste material to the site, where all waste material can be dropped off at no cost.

To access the full case study, click here.