Apply for Financial Support to partner with Polyco
  22/05/2018     News, waste, business, opportunity, recycling, green economy, waste sector desk

Opportunity to Partner with Polyco in Recycling Industry Value Chain projects encompassing the separation, collection, sorting, mechanical recycling projects of post-consumer polyolefin plastic packaging.


Polyco, the Polyolefin Recycling Company (NPC) was established in 2011 to promote and grow the collection and recycling of post-consumer PP, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE packaging materials as is required in terms of the Packaging Industry obligations to the South African Government under extended producer responsibility.

Funding mechanisms in the form of either grants or interest free loans have been introduced by Polyco to provide financial project support to qualifying companies who best meet the Project Funding Support Criteria. The funding mechanism selected is at the sole discretion of the Polyco Board.




This round of funding is aimed at projects contributing to the growth of sustainable, on-going collection, sorting and mechanical recycling of polyolefin plastics and includes:

  • The installation of new collection, sorting or mechanical recycling infrastructure and equipment
  • The increased utilisation and upgrade of existing collection, sorting or mechanical recycling infrastructure and equipment that increases the deviation from landfill.
  • Support for the implementation of new separation-at-source programmes, or the support of existing initiatives
  • Support to purchase minor equipment to overcome current supply chain constraints
  • Provision of support to community-based projects to grow separated collection volumes for mechanical recycling
  • Inclusion of recycled polyolefin material into existing commercial products
  • Support for Quality Testing equipment to increase the recycled polymer content in quality critical end use markets


To read more about the request for proposals, download this document.

To see the criteria for a successful application, download this document.

To apply, complete this application form.

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, 28th June 2018. No late submissions will be accepted.