Solar thermal

Market intelligence

GreenCape’s Industry Briefs and Technical Reports are aimed at businesses, investors, government stakeholders and others in specific sectors of the green economy. The briefs communicate key market and other insights from our work and research in this space.

Opportunities: Fast facts

  • There is an estimated potential for solar thermal installation of between 425 000 m2 and 3 758 000 m2 in South Africa's agri-processing sector. 
  • This could save between 111 000 and 943 000 tonnes of CO2e emissions per annum.
  • Solar thermal can reduce energy bills, ensure compliance with sustainability mandates and reduce companies' carbon footprints, given that most (79%) of agri-processing sector's energy demand is for low temperature heat, which solar thermal provides most economically.

GreenCape's work in the space

As an institution supporting the growth of the green economy in the Western Cape, GreenCape has a range of activities that help support the solar thermal market directly and indirectly in collaboration with a range of institutions. 

GreenCape also works actively to encourage energy efficiency through a range of industry events highlighting key policy changes such as the building standards as well through the development of the energy efficiency market intelligence report.

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