Private sector water treatment, reuse and reclamation

The average capital investment required for a medium-high intensity water user is R40 million per megalitre/day for a highly-advanced treatment and reuse system. There are approximately 15 industrial sites in the Western Cape where the business case and need exist that could benefit immediately from such a system.

The immediately addressable market size of the industrial water reuse industry in the Western Cape is, therefore, estimated at R600 million and it is expected to grow rapidly as scarcity increases. Implementation of these technologies could result in total collective savings of approximately R192 million annually. There are opportunities for technology and services providers, many of which are already tapping into this market with a wide range of innovative and readily available products for water reuse (GreenCape analysis).

GreenCape's work in this space

GreenCape's is supporting this market through the following activities:

  • Compiled business case studies and decision support tools along with resources for industrial recycling and reuse research (economic calculators, regulatory guide, technology outlines, change management guide).
  • Industry briefs and a key reuse section in the 2018 Water Market Intelligence Report.
  • A simple and easy to use online platform with all available resources and usable calculators.

Key reading

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